Our First Table Mat and Coaster Spinner

Introducing our first ever dedicated coaster/table mat display. The perfect way to hold a large amount of our best-selling products, using minimal shop space.

The spinner stand has 12 slots for table mats (total of 144 mats), and 32 slots for coasters (total 384 of coasters). Allowing you to display up to 24 different table mat designs, and 32 different coaster designs on a stand that uses just 0.14m2 of floor area.


Stock Cost: £668.64

Stand Cost: £80.00 (We will supply free stock to a value of £80 RRP, to offset this charge)

The links below will take you to the relevant branded spinner. Please note, the only difference between the spinners below is the header card. You are welcome to stock the spinner with both brands.

Thomas Joseph: http://morriganltd.com/floor-spinner-display-for-thomas-joseph-coasters-and-table-mats.html

Leslie Gerry: http://morriganltd.com/floor-spinner-display-for-leslie-gerry-coasters-and-table-mats.html